Showcasing the noun

I read in my paper that ‘last week the local coastguard was tasked with rescuing a fallen climber.’ ‘ Hobson carded four on the first hole’ in the same week that ‘Ralf Fiennes summited Everest .’ – Spot anything odd here? – any harsh clang of bad grammar disrupt your blood flow?

Though it’s not just sports journalists, who in attempt perhaps to make their prose more dynamic than it can ever hope to be sprinkle it with neologsims.

Radio three is even ‘showcasing Handel’ lately – he would be mortified, poor man.

But you can make a verb out of any noun lately. Thus ‘hoovering’ ‘microwaving’ are normal whereas ‘tazing’ is new and growing. ‘Relatives shocked as grandmother tazed in shopping precinct’ is acceptable usage

Why oh why do we say ‘she authored the work early in her career’? Lately we have ‘redacted’ meaning editing of MPs’ expenses.

Evidently I can’t intervene as an arbiter of English usage though if the local paper is offering me a post when I retire, it’d help my blood pressure


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